Byicaza Jean Claude

Byicaza Jean Claude is a teacher at Groupe Scolaire Ruyumba and one of the teachers who went through TOT (Training of Trainers) and later trained the students the same curriculum that Diane and Kellia benefited from. As a teacher and peace building facilitator, Jean Claude learned twice the peacemaking module and here is his testimony : “I grew up in the group called “ABANYAMURENGE” in DRC, where there are a lot of problems caused by Interahamwe like raping women, fighting, and killing of innocent people. Due to this kind of situation, there was no hope of being alive instead we always had fear of being killed. In Murenge community, there is no peace, and this is a problem even today. After having this training of peace building and conflict resolution, I am passionate about my people of Banyamurenge and I am planning to go and train them with this module of peace building and conflict resolution. I need everyone’s support to make this this happen, to see the land of Murenge at peace”

This was a training of peace building and Conflict resolution that CARSA organized in 2016 where the facilitators (who also went through the TOT) had trained students (Peace Club members) to understand fully the origin of conflicts, the types of conflicts, conflicts preventions and conflict resolution strategies.