Antoine (left) and Patrice (right)

Patrice has killed the father of Antoine Nzaramba. These two people went through Trauma Healing and reconciliation workshop with CARSA.
While the genocide of Tutsis was happening in 1994, Patrice has killed many people including the father and siblings of Antoine Nzaramba.
Here is Patrice speaking : “In 1994, I participated in overwhelmingly many mobs when the genocide to exterminate Tutsis happened saying that they have to be wiped out so we organized mobs for three days. I killed his father, his young brothers and many others part from his family.
Antoine Nzaramba, a genocide survivor said that in 1994, things were devastating. In the beginning of genocide, the killers started in our home but they didn’t find us home ; because we had got news early and ran for hiding to the parish, in bushes hiding but things did not go well with Tutsis as in 1973 those who ran there survived.
During GACACA Court, Patrice spoke out about those he killed that’s where he asked for forgiveness from those he killed the loved ones and confessed to the government which made him to be released from jail.
Being released from prison Patrice said that they were advised to approach those they killed their loved ones and approach all the families they offended and ask for their forgiveness ; an actions that was tough to him alternately he feared the people he offended and lived the fearful life until CARSA took them in trauma healing and reconciliation workshop that’s where our reconciliation journey. “I informed Patrice about the workshop so that we may meet there and I benefit the workshop money hoping that would also be my chance to strangle him when nobody is looking”. Antoine said.
The workshop became very helpful to Antoine through the word of God, they learned every morning, the burden of forgiveness lesson and counseling session he had with facilitators then on the sixth day he decided to forgive Patrice. As a proof they shared drinks and maize right after leaving the workshop venue.
Patrice said that the genocide is not something that fell from nowhere like a stone and fall on the ground. It is something that was first planned they planned it in ways that people started to hate each other slowly ; By the time they were told to kill Tutsis, they were also promised to be rewarded the properties of Tutsis (their cows, lands). Today when he looks at the past he just regrets all the efforts he used in the genocide.
Antoine said that during the memorial period, Patrice joins him to comfort, and remember together the innocent people who died of Tutsis in 1994.