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All CARSA programs require financial support. Donating to CARSA can help to supply transportation, materials, training and workshops as well as addressing the direct needs of the post-genocide communities, especially through providing cows in the Cow for Peace project.

This allows genocide survivors and offenders to move forward in their journey towards

healing, forgiveness, reconciliation and sustainable holistic development.


will support 1 participant to attend a 7-day reconciliation workshop

will send 1 student to school for 1 year

will provide a cow and cow-shed materials and training for a genocide survivor/perpetrator pair

will send 1 student to university for 1 year


Of course, donations in smaller or greater amounts are equally appreciated!

For any questions related to financial support please contact Grace.


The work of reconciliation can only be accomplished through God’s power and mercy. We need a community of believers to be praying for both CARSA as an organization and for its beneficiaries. Reconciliation and healing is an ongoing journey, so support through prayer is essential.

If you would like to receive updates from newsletter to know how to pray specifically for CARSA and its beneficiaries, please email Sylvestre to join the mailing list.


If you are a church or organization in the East African community and are interested in implementing one of these programs in your context, CARSA would love to partner with you! CARSA has seen the incredible success of using HWEC and Empower workshops to promote healing among genocide survivors and offenders. The Cow for Peace program has also proved to be an incredibly successful tool in promoting long-term restored relationships. If your organization would like to implement these programs, email Christophe for more information on how to partner with CARSA to receive training and support.

Work With Us


There are plenty of possibilities how you can contribute to CARSA ministry, for example

  • Create an event to spread awareness

  • Have a showing of the documentaries highlighting CARSA’s impact in the community

  • Organize a fund-raiser

  • Invite a member of CARSA to speak at your organization/university/church

  • Like us on Social Media or share the link to this site!

If you are interested in knowing more how to become involved with CARSA, please email Grace.


CARSA has hosted interns in the past who are in their undergraduate or graduate studies. Interns serve for a period of time (6 months – 2 years) as a part of the CARSA team contributing where needed. The hope is that interns will come with a desire to learn from the CARSA team, contributing with their skills and talents where they can.
Email Christophe with your completed internship application form if you are interested in interning with CARSA.

If you are interested in interning with CARSA fill out the online INTERNSHIP APPLICATION FORM  or click icon to download printable version.
Email Christophe with your completed internship application form 

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like further information or wish to contribute to the work of CARSA.

If you would like to receive updates and news, please email Sylvestre to join the newsletter mailing list.

We Would Love to Hear from You!


A unique way to get involved in CARSA’s ministry and to learn more what is God doing in Rwanda is visiting the land of thousand hills, as Rwanda is called.

CARSA warmly welcomes you to discover Rwanda and explore the reconciliation ministry!

Don’t hesitate to contact Grace and share your ideas and wishes about a trip to Rwanda.

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