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A Sunday School Curriculum

CARSA offers the High 5 Rwanda program to equip Sunday school teachers, develop sound materials and mobilize the church of Rwanda for the challenge of discipling their children. Among other activities, CARSA has helped develop a Sunday School curriculum designed specifically for the post-genocide context in Rwanda. CARSA also started the Kids Bible Club, where the whole counsel of God is taught in a systematic and age-appropriate way. Kids Bible Club offers churches a practical learning platform as they develop their own Sunday school ministry, and also strives to assist parents in nurturing their children.


Designing Teaching Materials

CARSA’s work in curriculum development started when they designed a Sunday School curriculum specifically for the post-genocide context of Rwanda. This was a response to the need for wisdom and guidance in raising the next generation of children, often the sons and daughters of genocide survivors and offenders. The curriculum focuses on five Christian values: love, hope, thanksgiving, respect and honesty.

Currently CARSA is partnering with TnT Ministries to create a new, Gospel-centered curriculum that teaches the Bible in a systematic way.


Training Teachers for Sunday School

Though Sunday schools teachers have a great passion to serve the new generation, they are often insufficiently equipped for their ministry, lacking Bible knowledge and appropriate teaching skills. To address this need, CARSA trained over 100 Sunday school teachers from different denominations between 2012 and 2014. In order to expand the program to many parts of the country and follow up on trained Sunday school teachers, CARSA has chosen 15 volunteers and taught them how to facilitate the process of equipping Sunday school teachers


Expand the Kingdom of God

Kids Bible Club is designed to expand the kingdom of God by reaching out to children with the gospel. Our goal is to faithfully, correctly and creatively sow the seed of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the hearts of children. We want to be a learning platform, helping Sunday School teachers from various churches learn the practical skills of running a Sunday school program. Kids Bible Club also seeks to help parents better nurture their children by engaging them in their children’s learning processes and by providing them with trainings and resources.