Nyndwi Jean Damascene attended the empower workshop as an offender. He was arrested after the genocide and spent 11 years in prison for the crimes he had committed. However, Damascene could not understand why what he did was wrong, he felt he was unjustly arrested. Esperance was also attending the workshop. Damascene was part of a group that killed Epserance’s husband and family. Through the workshop Damascene came to understand the hurt that his actions had caused Esperance and others whose lives he affected. On the last day, Damascene humbly got up in front of the group and apologized to Esperance for what he had done in her life. He said that he understood that the time spent in prison was nothing compared to the pain he had cause her. He described the actions he had taken during the genocide and asked for forgiveness. Esperance was able to forgive Damascene and attempt to heal the relationship.

Damascene was also able to ask forgiveness of a man named Sakufi, whose children were killed in the genocide. Sakufi also attended the workshop and was able to forgive Damascene and experience reconciliation.