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Modern Farming

Mugina Peace Farm is CARSA’s model farm, promoting integrated, modern farming for the benefit of the surrounding population and contributing financially to  CARSA’s work. Located in a rural area about 50 kilometers from Kigali, this 8-hector farm currently produces sorghum, beans, mushrooms, pineapples and oranges. Soon it will also be home to pigs and chickens. It is expected that thousands of people will benefit directly or indirectly from technology transfer through demonstrations, training, and on-the-ground advice.


Cultivation Requires Manpower

Over the past two years a great variety of crops have been cultivated on Mugina Peace Farm and flavorful, healthy products delivered at the local market. The 8h piece of land produced juicy and tasty pineapples, widely demanded beans, delicious yam and healthy sorghum used for drinks or made into Ugali, a local porridge-type dish.

As cultivation requires lots of manpower, the Peace Farm also serves the Mugina inhabitants by offering seasonal jobs.


Partnering the Rwandan Agricultural Board

In 2016, in partnership with the Rwandan Agricultural Board, new resistant cassava stakes (stem cuttings) were planted all over the farm in order to reproduce those needed stakes. Cassava leaves are used for the traditional Rwandan Isombe dish, and the roots are eaten as well. Pumpkins and fresh corn were also grown and sold.


A Sustainable Source of Income

Honey, meat, milk and eggs produced on Mugina Peace Farm are sold at both the local and the national market.

The husbandry project has grown greatly since its humble beginning with a few goats. Cows have found a home at the Peace Farm and have since given birth, providing the farm with milk. The goats have multiplied and now we have meat. Bees are flying thousands of kilometers around the Peace Farm, producing sweet honey, and 300 chickens are laying nearly 300 fresh eggs every day. 10 pigs have also joined the farm; their piglets will soon be sold for income.


Ecological Land Use

Mugina Peace Farm also serves as an example for timber production and agroforestry.

Mugina Peace Farm has several Grevillea trees between the crops. Similar to Eucalyptus, Grevillea grows fast and straight, and can therefore be used as timber for construction of houses or furniture. Timber production is another way to generate income: investment in saplings will bring local farmers a great return a few years down the road. Also, the combination of forestry and crop production, known as agroforestry, is a more productive and ecologically sound and sustainable land-use concept.

“There was a time in the genocide when I thought, ‘no human being has love.’ But when I saw CARSA coming to give [me and my offender] a cow, I realized there are other people that have love.”
Pellina, a genocide survivor