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CARSA Programs


We Are Here To Serve The Community

CARSA serves local communities by supporting their journey towards healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and holistic development through five interconnected programs that are seeking to help families to reconcile. Survivors and their direct offenders go through the Trauma Healing and Reconciliation program, addressing their mental and spiritual needs.
Youth- who are often the children of the beneficiaries of the Trauma Healing and Reconciliation program, participate in the Peace Education program, which focuses on empowering youth to be sustainable peace builders in their communities.
High-5 Rwanda also focuses on the younger generation, as children are being discipled, and teachers and parents are being trained to empower children.
In addition, Community Empowerment recognizes the need for overcoming poverty as a key element of reconciliation while Mugina Peace Farm acts as a training center and model farm for modern agriculture in Rwanda and generates income for CARSA.
Finally, the Cow for Peace program, uniquely and creatively address both the physical needs of the families of genocide survivor and perpetrators while supporting them on their journey towards healing and forgiveness through the sharing of a cow.

The CARSA Vision

Our mission is to serve communities by supporting their journey towards healing, forgiveness, reconciliation and holistic development.
Our vision is to have a society where peace, solidarity and unity in diversity are established.
To do all this for the glory of God, and the greater blessing of the people we serve.

Developing An Idea

Weeks after the end of the 1994 genocide, a Welsh doctor named Rhiannon Lloyd began to ask the Holy Spirit to show him the principles that could heal such wounds and enable Hutu, Tutsi and Twa to begin to look at each other through new eyes. The resulting workshop has been used by CARSA since 2004, and to this day it continues produce amazing fruit as it brings people to encounter God’s truth and healing love.


Visible Results

Many times we have seen victims who for years could not forgive their offenders become able to both forgive and work alongside these people. And these offenders who come forward with shame and guilt to ask for forgiveness—we have seen them being forgiven by their victim. Afterwards, the people who were brought together in workshops continue together in reconciliation small groups, working together in their journey of forgiveness and reconciliation.


Training the Trainers

CARSA has run several seminars and conferences in universities and secondary schools, trained facilitators for such conferences and organized talks on the radio. Through these efforts, hundreds of thousands of people have participated in the workshop or heard the teachings.

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Reconciling genocide survivors and their direct perpetrators through healing and reconciliation workshops



Fostering reconciliation through a creative 3-step approach

A Creative Solution


Providing clean water, housing, and education sponsorship

Self Empowerment


Empowering youth as Peace-builders through youth clubs, sports, debate, and arts

Working for Peace


Training teachers and kids to be committed disciples of Christ

High 5 in a Nutshell


Modeling a sustainable vision for crop production, animal husbandry and forestry

A Working Farm

“There was a time in the genocide when I thought, ‘no human being has love.’ But when I saw CARSA coming to give [me and my offender] a cow, I realized there are other people that have love.”
Pellina, a genocide survivor

Sowing the Seeds of Peace

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