Christophe was born in Muhanga (South province of Rwanda).who wasc doing business in Kigali and later brought Bunani, a son of a neighbor to work with him in Kigali and that’s where the genocide found them both. Christophe’s wife and Bunani were Tutsis which became difficult for Christophe. He tried to hide his in-laws family and Bunani, but as time went he realized that he needed to leave Kigali. Christophe took his wife and in-laws and headed to Southern province to refuge his wife, and told Bunani that he is not the keeper of all Tutsis.


On the way, he had to pay money for his wife to be spared but could not afford to pay for his in-laws who were burned with grass and a matchbox in his presence. Christophe decided to join the killers to be able to continue protecting his wife, which actually brought conflict into his household.

After the genocide he met Bunani who was mad at him that he left him to die in Kigali. Christophe looked for people to help them reunite and Bunani pretended that he forgave him. Bunani tried to kill him to revenge but did not succeed. He then joined the army to access a gun to kill Christophe. One day Bunani took a gun and went to kill Christophe but only his wife and children were there. He left but tried other days which never worked until he was demobilized from the army. He came back home and lived unhappy life trying to pretend that he was okay.

Bunani joined CARSA workshop angry and unapproachable. On the third day Christophe approached him requesting him to borrow a bicycle and ride on it on the way to the workshop because the journey was long. Christophe paid for it and Bunani drove it because he was the one who knew how to ride it. That was the beginning of their reconciliation journey.


In the Workshop, Christophe confessed to Bunani that the forgiveness he had asked was halfhearted but this time he meant it and asked for forgiveness again. Bunani also asked forgiveness, that he was very hurt by the way he left him in Kigali to die. He explainined how his forgiveness was also halfhearted and told him all the times he tried to kill him but did not succeed. He said that this time he meant it and has forgiven him. They hugged each and other participants applauded them and the step they had made.