G.S Mbati organized an Event for Debate and Football without a referee

G.S Mbati is one the school that CARSA is working on through peace clubs. On 20th july-2016, the peace clubs members and teachers organized an event. They invited all the students of the school and their teachers, and also the people of the community around the school. The event started at 3:00 pm with a match of football that wasn’t played in the same way we know the football match (their rules were different from the usual football game). This match was a competition between all the classes. Two teams reached on the final : S6 LEG and S 2B. The match was started by the headmaster of the G.S Mbati with the representative of CARSA. The players started to play without a referee ; if a player did a mistake, he accepted it without any claim or intervention of someone. After the match, we went to the main room of the G.S Mbati, they organized the others events. When we reached there, the ceremony started by dances, after we had a debate on the topic said that “we must use the weapons for peace keeping.” After we saw the short videos of them they played last year in competition. The students who attended the events were 100, teachers were 12 and the people around school were 30. The event ended at 8:00 pm.

What were the objectives of the event ?
1. Foot ball game

After being trained on the peace building and conflict resolution, the students and the teachers of peace club, they continued to meet weekly, shared what they taught through workshop, they started to ask in themselves, so what are our contribution to build this peace and resolve the conflicts in our society ? They started to think the strategies they can use in order to reach those people and others students who didn’t go to the workshop. So they saw that most of the youth like the games, it could be a great ideas if we can deliver our message through the game because this is where we could reach many youths. They decided to play a football game but they tried to think how they could play the match included with what they have learnt about peace building and conflict resolution.
They played a match without a referee. Everyone was interested and came to see how a football match can be played without a referee.
After the workshop, we spoke to the peace club supervisor and told us the aim of this competition was to teach the students and the peoples around our schools, how they can have in themselves the power to resolve the conflict happen in their life, he said that “what we want the people to listen was if we make a mistake in our life, it good to accept it without an intervention of anybody. This will end many conflicts which didn’t finish.

2. Debate

They prepared a debate on the topic “must we use the weapons for peace keeping ?” the opposing side said that we must not use it because weapons creates many problems, but the supporters said that we must use it because it sometimes calms the conflict, when you have it, people stop doing any wrong again because they have fear.
But after the debate we spoke to the students who were in debate asked them, why have you prepared this topic, what was your intention you want audience to listen from you ? They told us that what we want audience to listen for us is that the peace is not brought by weapons or police/arms, the best way of bringing peace is to gather two sides( those who commit a sin and the victim), they sit together, they shared the truth of what happened, asked forgiveness, the process of reconciliation come.

Lessons learnt
Through this event, we had many lessons from it :

-  We have many ways that we can use to spread the teaching of peace building in youth like games etc,,

-  We can spread this game to others schools


-  One player for S 2b who played the game of football, was not a peace club member, after playing this competition he said that “really I like peace club, I am interested to join it because this game was full of love, I played many football game there is a time a player did a mistake to you and you reacted badly which caused a fight in playground but through this game if a player made a mistake he came to apologize to you with a heart of passion and kindly. My request is to continue this game and mobilize other peace clubs to play it.

-  This debate was really helpful because through it, I realized that my contribution to build a peace is needed because before I thought that it was the responsibility of police (peace keepers with weapons) but I understand now that my contribution is needed. Guns are not bringing peace but it cause troubles.

Some pictures from the events